MLM Recruiting Secrets: Gain Instant Rapport With Your Prospects Pt3

people-with-network-boss-on-front-100193249This is part 3 on How To Gain Instant Rapport With Your Prospects. In part 2 we learned a phrase that puts your prospects at ease and makes them think that they are buying from you and not being sold to – read it here

When you are talking to your prospect, you want to gain instant rapport and make a real connection. And you can do this just by using two simple words…..

….Most people….

These two words trigger a common human decision program in the subconscious mind of your prospect. Human nature being what it is, we as people feel safe with most people. We feel insecure when we are alone.

Would you rather walk through a dark alley or a bad part of town at night on your own, or with a group of people? With a group of people, right? Why? Because we feel safer as part of a group.

Video Below Shows How The Words “Most People” Can Help You Gain Instant Rapport With Your Prospects

You can use “Most people…” in your statements to create instant rapport and connect with your prospect. See some examples below:

  • Most people would like to have a pay rise
  • Most people would like to have cheaper utility bills
  • Most people would like more disposable income
  • Most people would love to give up commuting in rush hour
  • Most people want to pay less taxes
  • Most people would like to travel more
  • Most people who see our opportunity get excited and join our team
  • Most people would like to have more quality family time
  • Most people would like to keep wrinkles at bay for another 10 years or more
  • Most people would like to have good health
  • Most people join our team at this level

You get the idea. Pretty easy, isn’t it? And you make up your own “Most people” statements that are most appropriate for your network marketing business or product or service.

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