MLM Recruiting Secrets: How To Answer The Question “What Do You Do?”

eavesdropping-in-the-office-100190815Do you get flustered when someone asks you, “So, what do you do?”

Do you verbally vomit all over them and give them your company presentation in 60 seconds flat?

If so, I am going to share with you 4 words that will help you maintain your POSTURE and at the same time, create curiosity within the person you are talking to.

I Just Found Out

So, no matter how long you have been involved with network marketing, when someone asks you, “What do you do?”, don’t have verbal diarrhea, instead, maintain your posture and say, “I just found out…….”.

These 4 words attack the curiosity program in the subconscious mind and gets your prospect asking, “Really, how does that work?”, or words to that effect!

Watch the video below to learn how to answer the question, “What do you do?”

Here are some examples that you can away with you now and start using today:

I just found out…..

  • … to get a pay rise without talking to my boss
  • … to work 2 weeks every month and get paid for 4
  • … university students can earn more part-time than their teachers do full-time
  • … full-time mums can stay at home on full pay
  • … to retire 10 years early at full pay
  • … secretaries can make more money part-time than their boss full-time

If the network marketing company you are involved with has a car program, you could say:

“I just found out how to get my car paid for”.

If you have a weight loss product, you could say, “I just found out…..

  • … I can lose a few pounds and get paid for it”
  • … I can lose weight by drinking coffee and get paid for it”
  • … I can lose weight by replacing one of my meals with a delicious shake and get paid for it”

If you’re in a utilities company, you could say, “I just found out…..

  • … I can lower my electricity bill and get paid for it”
  • … I can lower my mobile phone bill and get paid for it”

If you have a skin care product, you could say, “I just found out…..

  • … we can make our skin look 10 years younger in only 60 seconds a day”

Just so that you are aware, I have purposefully not mentioned the product and niche that I promote as I do not wish to be seen as pitching you!

The possibilities are endless and you can easily make up your own examples that you can use. So, next time you’re asked, “What do you do?”, reply using “I just found out……..” and you can tailor the second part of the sentence either to the person you’re talking to or around the product or service you promote.

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