MLM Recruiting Secrets: There Are Two Types Of People

confident-female-executive-posing-100329782Would you like your prospects to see your presentation with an open mind and look for reasons as to how your opportunity will work for them?

Well, read on because I am going share with you a powerful sentence that you can use that will ensure your prospect watches your presentation, not just with an open mind but with a view to find every reason why your business will work for them.

How is it possible to get your prospect to open their mind and look for reasons why your business will work for them?

There Are Two Types Of People….

To get your prospect to open their mind, you are going to have to take control of their brain by talking to their subconscious mind. And you can do this with one simple sentence.

There are two types of people……

This simple sentence takes instant and total control of your prospect’s brain.

Watch the video below to learn why the sentence “There are two types of people…” works

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