MLM Recruiting Secrets: Gain Instant Rapport With Your Prospects Pt5

complimentWant to know how to gain instant rapport with your prospects? Giving a compliment, if done correctly, can put you in rapport with your prospect. In part 4 we learned how a smile is your best rapport building tool – read pt4 here

Giving a sincere compliment is not quite as easy as it seems. We seem to live in a society where we seem to come across as “big headed” if we accept a compliment. So, if the compliment is obvious, the prospect can feel ill at ease and a sense of embarrassment to accept it. And if your prospect is ill at ease and feeling embarrassed, you have not gained rapport. So don’t make obvious compliments such as:

  1. You are looking good today.
  2. That’s a swish car you have out there on the drive. You’re obviously doing well for yourself.
  3. You dress really nice.

Follow up the compliment with a question

So, when you next meet with a prospect and give them a compliment, follow it up with a question. By following up a compliment with a question:

  1. It takes the pressure off the prospect because they have a question to answer
  2. It does not come across as being obvious as it is subtle.

Watch The Video Below On How To Be Subtle When Giving A Prospect A Compliment

Subtlety Is The Key

Let’s take the 3 compliments above and make them less obvious:

  1. You’re always so cheerful. How do you do it what with having a 50 hour work week and running a busy household?
  2. I have had my eye on that same model. How is it on the fuel consumption?
  3. I like your shoes. Where did you buy them from?

You see the difference? By adding a question, your compliment comes across as being:

  1. Subtle and less obvious
  2. Your prospect is at ease because they have a question to answer
  3. If your prospect is at ease, your in rapport

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7 thoughts on “MLM Recruiting Secrets: Gain Instant Rapport With Your Prospects Pt5

  1. Fact is, some of us need to learn rapport. It does not come naturally to all, and even those who are willing, need lessons to do it more effectively. Great blog series, Martin.

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