MLM Tips: Leadership and Success Through Duplication

leadership-and-team-concept-10056611Have you ever had someone in your complain that their business is not moving and they blame the upline, downline, company and the products. Everything and everyone but themselves.

Or have you seen people get recognised on stage at company events for hitting the next rank and saying, “We want to thank our team, we would not be here if it wasn’t for them!”

Now, are they there because of their own efforts, or have they hit the next rank because of their team?

You see, they are on stage being recognised because they stepped up to the plate and became leaders. They demonstrated guts and determination and put in the blood, sweat and tears to get to the next level in the business.

MLM Tips: Success Through Duplication

Watch the video below to learn exactly why you owe your team nothing but to be successful:

So, when you hit the next rank in your business, do not thank your team and tell them you could not done it without them. You owe your team nothing but to be successful!!! The natural leaders in your team will copy what you do and follow in your footsteps!

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6 thoughts on “MLM Tips: Leadership and Success Through Duplication

  1. I almost totally agree. Saying thank you to the team without qualifiers definitely could send the wrong message.
    I have never depended on my downline, and if I did, my frustration level would be so high. To see there are 800+ people below me (due to me and my team) and see that less than 50 of them are active and only 3 are producing would send me bonkers if I allowed my income to depend on them. This is also a key message you are sending out to those MLMers who tell their recruits about how their income will be impacted by their recruits – so good job on that.

    However, fact is, rank advances happen because of the team. Yes, it might be that I have a team because of my efforts, and it may be that the team produces because of my efforts at encouragement and support – but they still need to show up and produce or, I could make sales all day long, bring in new people all day long and NEVER rank advance.

    LEADERS CREATE LEADERS, not followers! If you lead with that mindset, you will rank advance, and in return, income advance because of the team – and yes, you should thank them for producing. Saying thank you is ALWAYS good to do.

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