MLM Recruiting Secrets: Become An Authority In Your Niche


Have you embraced the power of the internet as part of your strategy to generate leads for your network marketing business? Having trouble finding content for your blog or topics to talk about in your videos because you have not got any credibility or success in your business yet? If so, then this post will help you out.

Become An Authority In Your Niche

You see, I can relate to you because I was in the same boat until I learned a concept from Ray Higdon called the I.L.T. method. If you do not know who Ray Higdon is, he is a top earner in his network marketing company and has built a very successful blog since 2010 which has generated hundreds of thousands of leads for his business. Learn more about Ray Higdon at

The I.L.T. method is a very simple but very effective concept which will put you as an authority in your niche. Now, if you have attended online webinars, bought and read books, listened to audios, attended live seminars to learn new skills to help you in building your network marketing business, then you have already got the I and the L part of the I.L.T. method covered. That’s right, you are two thirds of the way there to becoming an authority in your niche because you have Invested your time and money in Learning new skills.

The third part of the I.L.T. method, the “T”, is the part that 97% of network marketers do not do and it is the missing link that will transform your business because you will be providing valuable content that will benefit anyone who reads your blog posts or watch your videos and consequently, generate leads for your business. Watch the video below to find out how you can not only provide valuable content but also be in a position where you will not to have to worry about coming up with ideas for content for your blog posts or videos just by using the I.L.T. method.

Watch The Video Below To Find Out How The I.L.T. Method Can Transform Your Network Marketing Business

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