MLM Recruiting Secrets: Zero Level Marketing


Are you guilty of being inconsistent when building your home business? Stay tuned because I am going to share with you a powerful concept I learned in a video by Diane Hochman called Zero Level Marketing. If you do not know who Diane Hochman is, she is a stay at home mum, a network marketing legend and a L6 Leader in MLSP (MyLeadSystemPro). You can learn more about Diane at

The concept of Zero Level Marketing really struck a chord with me because inconsistency is my biggest enemy. It was as if Diane was talking to ME specifically.

Peaks and Troughs

sine waveYou see, if you are like me, your marketing activities probably look like mine and resemble a sine wave where you have periods of activity, which are the peaks, followed by weeks of nothing, which are the troughs. With zero level marketing, instead of having these erratic patterns of activity, you have a minimum level of daily activity ie the line going through the centre of the sine wave, which ironically on a sine wave is called the zero level.

For example, pick an activity which is going to be your daily activity, your absolute minimum which you have to get before you go to bed. It could be someone like:

  • to do one blog post a day
  • to make 10 phone calls a day
  • to generate 5 leads a day
  • to connect with 20 people everyday

You get the idea. You see, whatever you choose as your daily marketing activity to move your business forward, this will become your “new zero level” of marketing. As you will be doing “something” on a daily basis, whatever your “something will be”, your peaks and troughs of erratic and inconsistent activity, will become a thing of the past because you will be CONSISTENT in your marketing.

Watch The Video Below On Zero Level Marketing

Can you imagine what your new zero level marketing will do to your business? Do you think daily, consistent activity, will transform your business? Absolutely!!!

And after 21 days, your new routine will become a habit! When I saw this video, I was like, “This is so simple, why didn’t I think of this?”

So, banish inconsistency in your marketing and take your business forward with a daily, consistent marketing activity by creating and developing a new zero level of marketing.

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