Network Marketing Tips: Facts Tell, Stories Sell

untitledBuilding a network marketing business?

Do you have team members who don’t seem to listen to the advice you give them?

Do you get frustrated and end up preaching to and commanding your distributors who don’t follow your advice?

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

I have a 3 sentence story to share with you that is way far more effective than preaching and commanding your distributors to follow your advice. After all, facts tell, stories sell, right?

Everyone likes a story and this 3 sentence story will prevent you from getting frustrated and impress upon your team that duplication is key in building the business.

Video: This three sentence story will illustrate to your team that duplication is key:

So, don’t get frustrated with your distributors. Don’t preach to them or command they follow your advice. Simply tell them this 3 sentence story:
 “Imagine you wanted to walk through a minefield. Would you want to go first? Or, would you rather have a leader who knows the way, to go first, and you simply follow carefully in his footsteps?”
See how simple that is. It’s polite and non-confrontational!
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