MLM Tips: How To Handle The “Is This A Pyramid” Objection

pyramid0621Are you sick and tired of your prospects asking you, “Is it a pyramid scheme, every time you show your network marketing opportunity?”

I’m going to share with you how to overcome this objection even before your prospect brings up the objection, with one easy sentence!

MLM Tips: How To Handle The “Is It A Pyramid” Objection

Most network marketers, especially if they are new or have very little experience, try and overcome the, “Is it a pyramid scheme?” objection with some clever speech about how the prospect’s company they work for is more of a pyramid scheme as the odds of them getting to the top is are slim to none.

Now this approach does not work very well for the following reasons:

  • by comparing the company the prospect works for with a pyramid scheme, you put the prospect on the defensive
  • if your prospect is on the defensive, you are not in rapport with each other
  • if you are not in rapport with your prospect, your prospect will not join you in your business

The only way to effectively deal with this objection is to keep your reply non-confrontational, polite and deal with the objection before it comes up!

Watch the video below to see how to handle the, “Is this a pyramid” objection:


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