MLM Recruiting Secrets: Gain Instant Rapport With Your Prospects Pt 1

businesswomen-shaking-hands picWhen you’re out and about  prospecting strangers, do you find that they put up walls of disbelief and skepticism and are instantly sales resistant? If so, then this 6-part blog series will help you out.

You see, when most network marketers are prospecting and talking to strangers, they tend to lead with their product or service. Now, bearing in mind that these prospects are sceptical and sales resistant, it’s not hard to see why it all goes wrong very quickly.

As a network marketer, you have about 6 – 10 seconds to gain rapport with your prospects or you are toast! Mastering how to create instant rapport by talking to your prospect’s subconscious mind is one of the first skills you need to learn in network marketing. Fortunately, this skill is not hard to learn. And it’s fun too!!

How To Create Instant Rapport With Your Prospects: Technique #1

In this 6-part blog series, you are going learn 6 different techniques that will enable you to gain instant rapport with your prospects. I learned these techniques from a good friend of mine, network marketing legend, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter. You can learn more about Big Al at

Video: Gain Instant Rapport With These Four Words – “Well, You Know How…”

Well, you know how….

The first technique is to use these four simple words, “Well, you know how..(followed by a fact)”

When you say these four words, nod and smile at the same time. Why? Because your prospect will react by nodding and smiling too. And if your prospect is nodding and smiling, they are agreeing with you and if they are in agreement with you, you are in rapport!

These four words attack a program in your prospect’s subconscious mind and your prospect is thinking, “Well, if I already know this, then it must be true. Whatever you say next, I’m going to believe you”.

Here are some examples that you can use straight away:

Well, you know how……

  • …..gas and electricity bills keep going up.
  • … is hard to get a pay raise these days.
  • …..putting your children through private school is expensive.
  • … don’t have the time to play golf as often as you would like.
  • …..people take vitamin supplements to stay healthy.
  • …..everybody wants to be fit.
  • …..everyone loves to get a greetings card.
  • …..people hate wrinkles.
  • …..we all get utility bills.
  • … interfere with our week.
  • …..two paychecks are better than one.
  • …..every mom wants to be home with her babies.
  • …..the economy is in the toilet.

With opening statements like these, your prospect will think, “Yeah. We’re on the same page. You’re on my wavelength…..I like this guy”.

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