MLM Recruiting Secrets: Gain Instant Rapport With Your Prospects Pt4

smiling womanGain Instant Rapport With Your Prospects

This is part 4 of my blog series How To Gain Instant Rapport With Your Prospects. In part 3 we learned how two words can put your prospects at ease and put you in instant rapport – read it here

Sales resistance comes from a human program in the subconscious mind called “Survival.” We are all born with this program and it is this “Survival” program that warns us of all sorts of dangers and keeps us safe.

A good example of this is when a baby comes into contact with a stranger. How does the baby know if the stranger is safe or dangerous? The baby instinctively looks for a smile. You see, when we smile at babies, they relax and smile back at us because they know we are safe and they lower their resistance towards us.

Watch The Video Below To See How Your Smile Can Help You Gain Instant Rapport With Your Prospects

And it is the same with adults too. We are instinctively wary of people who we do not know. When you come into contact with strangers or pass people in the street, they will look at you to size you up, to try and work out if you are safe or if you are someone they should be wary of. But as soon as you give them a sincere and friendly smile, they lower their guard and return the smile because they know you are safe.

Try this experiment. Give a friendly and sincere smile to everyone you pass in the street and see how many people return your smile. You will be amazed!

So, your smile is one of your best rapport building tools as it instantly puts people at ease. And if people feel at ease with you, you are in rapport.

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